Kaelyn Apple

Kaelyn-AppleKaelyn Grace Apple knew she would one day become a professional rider since the age of four. She was the first in her family to take an interest in the hunter jumper world and learned as much as she could by spectating at horse shows, listening at the back gate and spending as much time at the local barns as time would allow. At the age of twelve, she took on her first working student, and grooming position from a local trainer at a boarding facility in Woodside, CA. She later took lessons with John Charlebois where she became hooked on learning the art of equitation and hunters. At 16 she had the opportunity to work off a lease on her favorite horse, Portfolio. With ‘Lio’ as her mount she was finally able to save up enough money by braiding at shows to compete and train with Silver Bay Stables and Julie Young.

Following high school she was offered a full time working student position at SBS and uprooted her life in Palo Alto to move to Sonoma in hopes that this would be the next necessary step to one day becoming a professional. While still taking classes at the local college to receive her Bachelors degree in History, Kaelyn worked and competed with SBS until the summer of 2014.

Unfortunate family difficulties forced her to move closer to home, where her goals of finally becoming a professional rider were finally attained and she was offered an Assistant’s position for Lesann Leclaire. With Lesann as a mentor, Kaelyn learned the very specific intricacies of working with, riding and preparing competing hunters as well as teaching many incredibly talented junior and amateur riders.

Since the time when Lesann decided to liquidate her business, Kaelyn rode for Missy Froley for a season before finding her way to work with Cindy Brooks where she hopes to continue growing as a rider as well as becoming an important asset to Northern Run LLC. She now works every day to make sure the experience of the horses and clients are held to the highest standard possible with the influence of Cindy and all the great riders she has had the privilege of working with.

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